Boundaries, Emotional Agility, Maturity, and Human Development

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A couple quick updates before we jump into some resources and reflections from the team.

First, Jim and Trisha have continued their series with Dr. Robert Creech where they are discussing the book they cowrote together entitled, The Leader's Journey. If you haven't read it yet, we highly recommend you check it out. And if you have read, would you please rate and review it on Amazon?

Here are the links to the series so far:

We will be sharing the final episode in the series in a couple weeks so keep an eye out for that!

Second, as we continue to plan out topics for future podcast episodes, I'm curious what topics you'd be interested to hear us cover, cover again, or maybe cover from a specific perspective. You can reply to this email or reach out on our website to share your recommendations.

Thanks for reading and engaging. I hope you enjoy the resources and reflections below!

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Boundaries Increase Our Love

Shared by Marijke Strong

In her newest book, Atlas of the Heart, Brene Brown begins her section on boundaries by boldly stating that

"Boundaries are a prerequisite for compassion and empathy. We can't connect with someone unless we're clear about where we end and they begin. If there's no autonomy between people, then there's no compassion or empathy, just enmeshment."

This is a powerful reminder to me that boundaries are actually healthy and healing. They are integral on the path to growth and maturity. And, contrary to popular belief, they lead me into greater compassion and service. When I set boundaries, I am actually able to offer my whole self more fully.

I don't pretend to have all the answers on boundaries. I'm still on a journey of learning to set healthy boundaries for myself. But I invite you to join me.

I share more reflections on boundaries in this short article.

Emotional Agility

Shared by Aundrea Baker

In this episode of the Good Life Podcast, Jonathan Fields speaks with psychologist Susan David about concepts she has developed as a researcher of emotions. David has published some of these concepts in her book, Emotional Agility. David explains the importance of emotions as indicators of what one cares about and one's values. She gives guidance on how individuals can discover their values as well as craft goals inspired by those values.

"I can't change others, I can only change myself."

Shared by Trisha Taylor

I say it all the time: "I can't change others, I can only change myself." I believe it. I know it's true. *And* I spend a lot of time anxiously wishing I could change others and thinking of ways to try. Kathleen Smith, as usual, offers an efficient and specific way of thinking about this, grounded in Bowen theory and applied to my life in 2022. I think Dr. Smith's blog is the most engaging and practical resource out there to think about our own emotional maturity in real life--brief descriptions of the theory, thought-provoking questions for reflection, and a sense of humor. I've signed up for her emails, and I recommend that you do the same.

My Lifelong Fascination with Human Development

Shared by Jim Herrington

I made a video to share my lifelong fascination with human development and some of how that's evolving and developing.

I was first introduced to the stages of childhood development at the University of Arkansas, where I got my undergraduate degree in psychology. I did my senior thesis on Erik Erikson's psychosocial stages of development, and I've always been curious about how that work applies to the work of human discipleship.

You can watch the full video here.

The Leader's Journey

As a team of lifelong learners, we frequently share resources with each other. This newsletter is a space for us to share some of what we are learning, thinking about, and being encouraged by with you.

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