The Power of Community on Our Dreams, EQ for Your Team, and Our Systems of Relationships Impact on Health

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Hi y'all!

In the most recent issue of our newsletter, Trisha shared four resources to review and three things she hoped readers would reflect on as they read and listened to those resources and the podcast episode we released the next week, Is it over yet? Post-pandemic considerations.

If you haven't already, we encourage you to review those resources and reflect on the leadership challenges you’ve faced in the last two years to learn from them and take that learning into the future. We would love to hear from you, what do you notice when you reflect on your role as a leader over the past two years?

New Podcast Series: The Leader as Coach

A couple of weeks ago we started a new podcast series where we are exploring the impact of leaders learning to lead through coaching. The first episode in the series is The Leader as Coach: Developing People and the next episode will be released soon!

That's it for our updates today! I hope you enjoy the resources and reflections below!

Thank you for reading.

– Tim

The systems of relationships that we live within have a direct impact on our health and functioning

Shared by Mike DeRuyter

Here is a youtube video of one of my favorite systems thinkers. Dr. Maté brings home for me the idea that systems and differentiation of self are not merely metaphors, but are describing something about how the world actually works. The systems of relationships that we live within have a direct impact on our health and functioning. And that impact gets transmitted down through generations. Making the shift from a mental model of individualism to a mental model of systems opens up options, creative solutions, and resilience that help us move towards health.

> Dr. Gabor Maté Leaves the Audience SPEECHLESS | One of the Best Speeches Ever

The power of community and connection on our lives and dreams

Shared by Aundrea Baker

“You never know who you are talking to.” - Barbara Sher

In this TEDx talk, Barbara Sher offers her humorous personal experiences in leading an encounter group in the 1960s. Leading this group taught her the power of community and connection when individuals open up their lives and their dreams to others. Even though she doesn’t necessarily name dream killers directly, she tells stories of anger, fear, guilt, and shame that keep people in isolation.

In reflecting on Sher’s talk, I began to wonder what community would look like if we stepped away from the individual pursuit of success and actually opened ourselves up to helping others, not just in times of crisis or grief, but also in achieving their dreams. This thought gave me a different take on what it could mean to be missional.

> Isolation is the dream-killer, not your attitude | Barbara Sher | TEDxPrague

Emotional Intelligence for Your Team

Shared by Jim Herrington

A great deal of our work at The Leader's Journey focuses on helping clients grow their emotional maturity. Since Daniel Goleman’s book, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ, was published in 1995, there has been a growing societal awareness of what emotional intelligence is and how it can be learned.

Since the publication of Goleman’s book, there has been an enormous amount of ongoing research in this field, and more recently a lot of attention has been given to developing emotionally intelligent teams of leaders. Recently I came across a new book by Jean Greaves and Evan Watkins entitled Team Emotional Intelligence 2.0: The Four Essential Skills of High Performing Teams.

I encourage you to read the book, but to whet your appetite, here is a one-hour video of the authors sharing a high-level overview of how to improve the emotional intelligence of your team. I promise it will be worth the hour that you spend listening.

> Team Emotional Intelligence 2.0: The Four Essential Skills of High Performing Teams (video)

> Team Emotional Intelligence 2.0: The Four Essential Skills of High Performing Teams (book)

Have you downloaded the Two Feet Walking Workbook?

We made this workbook to help congregational leaders as they consider what it might look like to foster a more healthy congregation that is actively working toward a shared mission in the midst of the growing complexity of leadership and increasingly rapid pace of change we are in today.

If you haven't already, you can download the workbook here (no opt-in required).

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